The 6 Best Nootropics for HIGH Energy in 2022

Going to work, taking an exam, or even getting out of bed in the morning all need energy. And as the years go by, more and more people report less energy and motivation to make it through life and even do basic tasks.

But it doesn’t matter how you feel. If you dont get your work done, you get fired. If you do poorly on your exam, you fail. If you can’t get out of bed in the morning, it starts a cycle of lethargy and procrastination.

What matters in life are results. Without the ENERGY and DRIVE to tackle life, your life will be stressful and unsatisfying.

But there’re ways around this. One extremely effective way is using certain Nootropics. Nootropics are known as cognitive enhancers but many also increase energy and destroy fatigue.

For someone feeling tired or lazy all the time, they’re a godsend. I’ve used Nootropics for years to improve my grades, start a business, and boost my energy and performance at work, all while making more time for my passions and chill time.

So if you’re one of those people that needs more energy or feels tired for no reason at all then keep reading on.

Today I’ll be going over 6 of the BEST nootropics for high energy.

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are defined as “drugs, supplements, and other substances that are claimed to improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, attention, memory, creativity, or energy, in healthy individuals” according to Wikipedia.

Nootropics give healthy people a competitive edge. So ideally you get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and exercise a few times per week without any mental disorders or chronic illnesses. If you fall under this category, then you’re almost guaranteed to see big changes.

But even people with chronic fatigue, depression, ADHD, Anxiety, neurotransmitter issues, and other diseases experience crazy benefits from taking these supplements. With some saying it’s CURED their issues and transformed their life.

Entrepreneurs, athletes, silicon valley businessmen, and college students are all common users of nootropics. Because it allows them to perform at their peak, on demand. I spent thousands of dollars over the years experimenting with different nootropics and vendors until I found the ones that worked like magic.

Some nootropics have severe side effects and high potential for addiction. I stay the hell away from those and recommend you do the same. There’s no point in taking nootropics if you burn yourself out, hurt yourself, or become addicted/dependent.

For example, Ritalin is a prescription medication used to treat ADHD which some people use as a nootropic. I’ve seen many horror stories about people permanently screwing up their brain because they misused it.

Without further ado, here we go!

BEST Nootropics For Energy

There’s two types of energy boosting Nootropics I’ll be going over. The first type will give you an instant boost for a few hours. The second type will be a gentle increase in energy you’ll see for almost the whole day. Choose whichever one works for you based on your lifestyle.

I’ve used all of these in the past and they’re all clinically tested nootropics that WILL change your energy levels if you get them from a high quality source.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is a more bioavailable form of L-Carnitine, which is naturally produced in the body. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that converts fat into energy. The beauty of ALCAR is it can easily cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning it can work in the brain AND the body.

When ALCAR makes its way into the brain, it allows the brain to utilize fat as energy. This allows your brain to convert ALCAR in normal l-carnitine much easier than the other way around. So that ALCAR makes its way into your muscles and boosts fat loss, muscle function, and even physical STRENGTH.

This is whyAcetyl-L-Carnitine causes a healthy jump in energy levels: Because it amplifies the natural process that converts fat into pure energy.

You’ll see PROVEN benefits such as

  • Enhances physical energy [S]
  • Raises strength levels [S]
  • Increased mental energy [S]
  • Reduced fatigue [S]
  • Provides neuroprotection from aging, alzheimers, and dementia [S]
  • Boosts cognitive function [S]
  • Higher sexual function in men [S]
  • Even antidepressant effects [S]
  • And more benefits…

Whenever I take ALCAR, I stick to between 500mg twice a day or 1g total to enhance my energy and focus. Anything more than that can cause a bit of anxiety for me although I’ve seen people do great at 1.5 g. Start LOW at 150mg – 500mg and work your way up safely to avoid side effects.

I find that taking it in the morning and early afternoon is best or else I literally can’t fall asleep. Take it on an empty stomach or 1 hour after eating or you’ll feel nauseous. I use and recommend this brand.

Word of caution: If you’re prone to hypothyroidism or prone to seizures, skip out on ALCAR. And do not exceed 1.5 g no matter what any labels say.


Alpha-GPC is one of the classics for getting a boost of energy that lasts for hours.

It’s a powerful nootropic that works by sending choline to the brain so it can make Acetylcholine. Alpha-GPC is found naturally in the body so supplementing it amplifies its effects.

This is a strong supplement, strong enough to be sold as a prescription medication in Europe. So a little goes a long way.

Other than the boost in energy (and strength) [S] you can see

  • Increase in focus
  • Increases endurance levels
  • Boosts memory
  • Eliminates anxiety
  • Increases growth hormone at higher doses
  • Reduces brain fog

So all in all, Alpha-GPC is a solid and POWERFUL supplement.

I’ve taken this brand of Alpha-GPC (99%) for the mental benefits but noticed an increase in energy as well as motivation and focus. I’d recommend between 150 and 300mg per day and NOT TO GO OVER 300. Thats when side effects can occur.

You might see different versions of Alpha-GPC online like 50% or 99%. There isn’t a difference in effects with either one. Only issue is 50% is half the amount in the 99%. So the dosage ranges are 150mg – 300mg of the 99% and 300mg – 600mg of the 50%.

Word of caution: Do not take Alpha-GPC if you get a lot of choline through your diet already. Choline sources like eggs will cause an overload of choline with Alpha GPC and lead to depression like symptoms. If this happens, stop taking Alpha GPC and things will return to baseline


One of the better known nootropics in the nootropics field, Bromantane is a psychostimulant pharmaceutical drug designed to treat Neurasthenia.Neurasthenia causes low energy, low mood, irritability, and fatigue. Bromanatane effectively counters all those symptoms with little to no side effects.

Bromantane works by affecting the hippocampus and the central nervous system. This means there’s a direct reuptake and balancing effect on Dopamine, seratonin, and even GABA [S]. In fact, it works so well that it was banned in Russia since too many athletes were using it to enhance performance.

In a mass-scale clinical trial, Bromatane was given to 728 participants with asthenic disorders (weakness and fatigue) over 28 days at doses from 50mg -100mg. A whopping 90.8% of individuals responded with significant improvements to symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue, and weakness. Even better, positive effects of Bromantane CONTINUED for over 1 month past stopping administration. [S]

You can see the following benefits of Bromantane

  • Increase in physical energy
  • Enhances mental energy
  • Boosts dopamine release without addictive effects
  • Improves mood
  • Lowers anxiety
  • Increases wakefulness and alertness
  • Creates feelings of well being
  • No withdrawal or addictive potential

I personally saw better performance in the gym and better physical endurance. It took more effort and work to get me to the same level of exhaustion. And the best part was, the effects built up over weeks of taking bromantane, so I could have weeks of productivity at work and stop whenever I wanted because there’s 0 withdrawal.

I haven’t exceeded 200 mg per day, but I recommend starting out with 25mg per day and working your way up to what’s comfortable. Going beyond 1000mg per day may give you side effects like nausea, brain fog, or depressive feelings.

Caffeine + l-theanine

Caffeine is a psychoative stimulant that acts on your central nervous system, making you feel refreshed and giving you more energy.

Caffeine is probably the most popular nootropic of all time, despite its downsides of feeling jittery and the all too familiar crash.

So while it has its own benefits, there’s a few problems: Tolerance, jitteriness, and the crash.

To combat tolerance, don’t take caffeine more than 3 times per week. This will keep your tolerance low and let you enjoy the benefits!

The BEST way to deal with both the jitteriness and the crash is a natural substance called l-theanine

l-theanine is an amino acid mainly found in tea leaves, so unless you supplement it, you won’t get it from your diet. l-theanine is known as an Anxiolytic, which means it reduces anxiety

L-theanine also

  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts mental focus and alertness
  • Improves attention
  • Enhances memory
  • Takes the edge off of stimulants
  • Calms you without a sedating effect

The stimulating effects of caffeine and the relaxing effects of l-theanine create a perfect combination of smooth energy and focus

This is by far my favorite combo if I’m ever drinking an energy drink or coffee. It adds a huge boost to my day and I feel totally in control.

I use about 200mg of l-theanine with 100mg of caffeine before 11 AM. It doesn’t matter if you use caffeine pills or coffee or an energy drink. I prefer coffee or Yerba Mate.

If you don’t want to take l-theanine, you can use extended release caffeine. The slow release mechanism gives you a gentle energy boost throughout the day because it doesn’t hit all at once.

Word of caution: The only side effect I’ve noticed was insomnia when I dosed too late in the day. Caffeine lasts close to 12 hours so take it early!


The racetam family is household name in the nootropics world. One of the racetam family members that particularly stands out is Phenylpiracetam, a phenyl derivative of Piracetam. The Phenyl adds stimulating effects on top of the mental benefits.

Phenylpiracetam aka phenotropil was made in 1983 for Russian astronauts to deal with the stress of working in space. Since then, more studies were done and significant benefits came to light such as improving depressive and anxiety, neuroprotectant effects, and improving blood flow.

A study of 1,170 patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and asthenia (weakness) saw a very significant decrease in symptoms as early as the first month. And the results stayed for the next 2 months after that. Younger patients reported a more rapid and apparent decrease in their symptoms of fatigue [S].

Why is Phenylpiracetam so popular?

  • Increases physical energy and endurance [S]
  • Reduces fatigue [S]
  • Improves symptoms of depression and anxiety [S]
  • Enhances motor coordination and mobility [S]
  • Boosts memory and attention [S]
  • Protects brain tissue from damage and even helps recovery [S]

This nootropic is best for people who want a subtle adderall effect without feeling wired out of their minds. It’s ideal for doing big projects, reducing anxiety, lots of thinking, finishing a to-do list, and even manual labor. Phenylpiracetam is NOT the best nootropic to relax at the end of a long day.

I used phenylpiracetam primarily to finish big projects in college and occasionally during intense presentations at work. It lets me work with insane focus without a huge crash and boosts my articulation so the perfect words come to mind during a conversation or presentation.

I take about 100mg – 300mg once a day in the mornings sublingually (under the tongue) or in a capsule form. Take your time and start off at a LOW dosage and work your way up slowly!

Too much Phenylpiracetam (500mg+) can cause anxiety and be counterproductive depending on the person since doses vary. I only take it on chaotic busy days but there’s people that do fine with a maintenance dose every day.


Along with being one of the best nootropics for energy, Sulbutiamine has a history of helping people with their health. The compound was made to fight Thiamine (Vitamin B1) deficiency in Japan, saving the lives of millions.

Sulbutiamine is made by bonding 2 thiamine molecules together. Thiamine in general has a whole host of powerful benefits but has poor bioavailability. Sulbutiamine effectively solves that problem and can easily cross the blood-brain barrier. Sulbutiamine also increases an enzyme called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which is pure energy created by your mitochondria.

Sulbutaimine’s incredible benefits

  • Boosts memory [S]
  • Increases energy [S]
  • Reduces fatigue [S]
  • Improves mood [S]
  • Feeling clear headed [S]
  • Improves erectile dysfunction [S]
  • Enhances Athletic performance [S]
  • May Increase dopamine receptors [S]

Looking at all these incredible benefits, it’s no wonder why sulbutiamine is so popular and one of my all time favorites. All these benefits come with little to no side effects, which is a blessing!

I take 400mg – 600mg of sulbutiamine once a day about 3x per week. I recommend starting with 200mg per day and working your way up to what is comfortable. Make sure you cycle Sulbutimaine or you’ll see a tolerance build. Something like 3 days on 1 day off as long as there’s an occasional day or two off to help your body maintain a balance.

I personally love this brand. You can get the capsules or powder; I prefer the capsules since the powder tastes horrible.

Word of caution: Careful with sulbutiamine if you are prone to mania or bipolar disorder because it can increase dopamine.Side effects are minimal but can include headaches and nausea. You can have trouble sleeping if you take it too late in the day.

Closing Thoughts

So there you go, I just gave you 6 of the best nootropics to actually increase your energy.

All of these are extremely effective nootropics without major side effects, both of which I look at before putting them in my body. I love experimenting but not with anything that can cause permanent or severe damage. There’s a difference between adventurous and idiotic.

If you take any one nootropic away from this article, I recommend sulbutiamine. It’s by far the best one I’ve used short term. If you want something more casual, then the caffiene + theanine combo is also a favorite.

As amazing as nootropics are, they aren’t a magic bullet. Please make sure you’re catching up on sleep, getting some exercise, and eating healthy!

It was a pleasure having you here and I’ll see you soon!

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